Barcelona Day 4 – Best Ramen Ever!

Day 4 into our amazing Barcelona city break and we’re still madly in love with this place!

Yes our feet are aching and the early starts are getting a little more difficult but that doesn’t stop us!

So before we set off on this adventure, Lewis had asked several times (begged) if we could visit Camp Nou – the official football stadium of Barcelona. I knew I couldn’t say no because I had been dragging him around several shops with me for the last 4 days!

So the first stop on our fourth day was to this eagerly anticipated (on his end) football stadium. I was promised that it would be a short walk from our apartment, “It’s only at the end of the street, we might as well go and visit it!” As it turns out, it was NOT at the end of the street… a 45 minute walk later in the hot Barcelona sun and we had arrived – to what looked like a large grey building.

Now I know I’m not speaking very highly of it here but once we got inside, even for a non football fanatic like myself, this was definitely worth a visit. If you love football and especially BC football club, then I’d recommend popping in and buying a souvenir or two! We only spend a little over an hour here before heading off. Lewis had a whale of a time – as you can see…

10733845_10152331647227540_3093630890434280157_o10631052_10152331647517540_3560115304517035565_o10700402_10152331647462540_4459480991730885556_o10479060_10152331647597540_7138762839913441250_oNext on our itinerary, we jumped on the metro and headed for Montjuic, this is where the magic water fountain is situated and we couldn’t wait to see this masterpiece that everyone talks so highly of!

Whilst here you can also climb the many steps or like us take the many escalators up to the top to see the stunning view of Barcelona. And what’s great is that this is all FREE! Once again we brought with us a little packed lunch to save some time and we ate this by the magic fountain, bliss.

10359074_10152331648217540_1234602556329047164_oI absolutely love this area of Montjuic – you can sit back on one of the many benches, people watch and just take a moment to relax in the shade. The Magic Fountain is best known for the spectacular show in the evening, where the water is synchronised with lights and music and well known to be one of the best water shows in the world. Sadly we never got to see this as we ended up meeting up with friends and running out of time. It’s just another excuse to visit again!

10658614_10152331647962540_3494818117995512130_o 10631205_10152331631772540_4242001767609630063_o

The walk up to the top of Montjuic is a must do! And for the tired (like us) there are handy escalators all the way up so everyone can enjoy the view.

10703976_10152331649442540_9084730702845722454_o 10734079_10152331634472540_7502743322510051422_o

1782460_10152331649192540_1460296271734930345_o 10631218_10152331676007540_5335452913857687059_o 10655413_10152331631727540_2660601063107715654_o 10648676_10152331633207540_6084708101263413038_oAfter spending some lovely hours gazing out at the never ending view, we then ran off to meet some friend for dinner at a place called Ramen-Ya-Hiro!

My beautiful friend Blanca is from Barcelona and I was lucky enough to first meet her in my first ever part-time job when I was a teenager where we worked as waitresses for a hotel! Blanca was in Scotland for a year and we very quickly became close friends, however when she moved back to Barcelona we never got to see each other again. Fast forward 4 years and needless to say I was buzzing with excitement that we would be reunited and she would also get to meet Lewis.

Blanca and her lovely sister Lauri took us out for dinner at their local favourite restaurant which was owned by one of their best friends. And funnily enough it was a Japanese ramen restaurant.

First we met up and Blanca took us around The Gothic Quarter and we visited Barcelona Cathedral which is absolutely breathtaking inside. (I would also highly recommend going after 6pm as it is free and a lot less busy!)

The inside of the cathedral is nothing short of magical, the architecture is gothic as expected, it’s peaceful and really does transport you back into another part of history.

10662212_10152331633382540_8663046635538801298_o 10511390_10152331634947540_1321336170163532911_o 1415436_10152331634772540_9222882843547480205_oAfter a full day of sightseeing and A LOT of walking we had worked up quite the appetite so we were very much looking forward to dinner time and having heard so many amazing things about this ramen eatery from Blanca, we were so excited! FOOD.

Blanca mentioned to us that there would be a small queue to wait in as the restaurant itself only has around 10 tables. We arrived outside at 7.15pm and the place wasn’t due to open until around 8pm.. but the queue was DOWN THE STREET. Even Blanca herself said she had never seen it so busy.

This made us all the more excited because I love anything that the locals love. After an hours wait, we were IN! 10548922_10152331633567540_4249201290181331534_o 10688477_10152331633842540_728203705601954321_oThis place truly is phenomenal. It’s out of the world – I am Asian as well, so obviously I eat A LOT of ramen (without sounding extremely stereotypical.) But the Japanese food at Ramen-Ya-Hiro has got to be some of the best I have ever eaten in the world. And we weren’t even in Asia!

The menu is small but all you need. Three choices of ramen plus a cold noodle and toppings. The gyoza was good and the salad and kimchi were excellent. The ramen itself was wonderful, homely, genuine and delicious. A huge bowl full for €7.50 which is the best value meal you’ll probably find anywhere in Europe. AMAZING.

10011845_10152331634032540_9082020170519955164_o 10258114_10152331633847540_3832172866738779462_o ramen-ya-hiroSo after a day filled with brilliant sights, glorious sunshine, beautiful company and delicious food, we said goodnight to yet another perfect day in Barcelona! x

Check out my Barcelona video logs if you want to watch all of this and more!


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