Our Final Day in Barcelona – Food Market Fun

When we woke up on the very last day of our holiday in BC, I swear I could have cried I was so sad to be leaving. Don’t worry, this is normal for me, if I don’t cry at some point during or the end of a holiday, then it’s not been an amazing one! I always try to tell Lewis that they’re happy tears though! It’s my thing!

Lucky for us our flight back to Scotland wasn’t until 9pm in the evening so we had a full last day to push in last-minute attractions and to revisit anywhere that we wanted to see one last time!


For us, first on the list was The Food Market – if you’ve read my Day 2 blog, you will know just how obsessed we became with this heavenly place. On our last morning we found ourselves sleeping in a little, after 4 full days of sightseeing, sun and a ton of walking, we probably needed the lie in!

This meant that our trip to the market was a great excuse for a large breakfast/lunch! Having already spent a few hours at the market, second time round we knew exactly what stalls to make a bee line for. For Lewis this meant the tacos and burritos stalls and for me, SEAFOOD.

First off I started with a lovely fresh octopus and quinoa salad then I made my way to the shrimp stalls and got myself a hayoooge tub of mixed shrimp (small, medium and king prawns marinated in a delicious spicy and lemony dressing – my stomachs rumbling now thinking about this.) Next on my list were the Serrano and parma ham stalls. Here I purchased some to take home with me and a small cone of the delicious meat as a snack! Mmmm.


As it was around lunch time when we were there, we found it to be super busy and very much mobbed inside the market, so our visit wasn’t as long as we would have liked. We purchased some more gifts for home – I bought some vacuum packed caviar for my Mum and we left for one last stroll along La Ramblas.

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During our stroll I came across a store called Pull and Bear, peering into the window I could see multiple beautiful items that I already wanted and having never been into a Pull and Bear I decided to go inside and do a little retail therapy (because I was sad that my trip was ending.. any excuse.) Inside, I found that their clothes where quite similar to that of Zara and H&M, the quality was good and they had plenty of nice pieces that where in trend, all for really affordable prices. My inner shopping beast was unleashed – well as much as Lewis would allow it to be.


As it was our last day in BC, we had both agreed not to bother making up a plan or itinerary which we had done for all of our earlier days. We wanted it to be relaxing and we wanted to try not to be restricted by time. Next on our leisurely stroll we noticed that there were a lot of lovely restaurants and bars under canopies along Las Ramblas. Now we would never eat here as these places are generally known to rip off tourists with their overly priced food but walking along I could see lots of happy tourists sipping on some large beer jugged drink with massive long colourful straws. Lewis and I decided a break from the shopping and eating was needed for a refreshment and ordered one of “whatever they’re all having!” This colourful, happy drink turned out to be some very strong sangria…

Now I rarely drink alcohol as it really doesn’t agree with me and I get something called “Asian flush”, and I get it baaad. I go beetroot red in the face, my head starts spinning, I feel like I’m going to be violently sick and I am an all round buzz kill. So I tend to stay away from alcohol unless it’s a special occasion!


This dark red, delicious concoction ended up tasting just like Ribena and with the hot sun blazing down on us as we watched the people stroll by, I ended up drinking far more than I probably should have. Eventually Lewis managed to contain me from another sip and we paid and we (I) very merrily made our way to Port Vell. I can only imagine how much of a nightmare I must’ve been as I stumbled along Las Ramblas laughing away, but it was all fun and jokes until the Asian flush hit me… 15 minutes later and I was sitting struggling on a bench with my head between my legs. Waaaay fun.

Anyway long story short, if you’re not a sufferer of Asian Flush or a complete and utter lightweight to alcohol, then by all means grab one of these fruity refreshments and sit back on Las Ramblas and enjoy the hustle and bustle, it was great fun! Well from what I can remember. Since then I haven’t drank alcohol again!

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After our brief stop at Port Vell we then made our way back down Las Ramblas again and made another stop in some of the clothing stores, Zara was a must. With all of the amazing clothes and the four stories of clothing rails, I quickly sobered up.

We then made our way back to an amazing all you can eat Japanese sushi bar that we had eaten in on our second evening, as we happily made our way along however we were disappointed to find out that the restaurant was in fact closed until a lot later in the evening. Genuinely upset, we luckily stumbled upon a fantastic pizzeria where we had our last meal in Barcelona before rushing back to our apartment where our host Nadine had kindly allowed us to store our luggage until departure. We said our goodbyes and she promised to one day visit us in Scotland and we made our way to the airport to be faced with a lonnnng delay – more time to reflect on our glorious first trip to Barcelona!

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A few months on, Lewis and I still find so much joy in reminiscing about our trip to BC and we always regard it as “one of our top 5 places.” I can’t wait to visit again sometime soon!



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