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Doing Dublin in One Day – Part 2

Waking up in our cosy little Travelodge hotel room, we were ready and very excited to conquer day 2 in Dublin.


We had plenty planned to fill up our day before our late evening flight but first on our itinerary was The Book of Kells at Trinity College Library – seeing as we had failed to get in the day before due to the huge queues we headed back towards TC nice and early on this fine sunny day!

On arrival, to our surprise the queue for the library was about half the size of the queue the day before. After waiting for around 15 minutes we were successfully inside and greeted by some very friendly museum staff.

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Once inside, we found ourselves inside a standard museum type room filled with floor to ceiling information boards, Lewis and I spent several minutes in here before heading up the stairs to the library.

People inside the museum and the library tended to be quite pushy as there was a rather large crowd – which was assumed. In the end we were both extremely glad to have made the time to visit the Book of Kells.

The library is without a doubt a hidden treasure within Dublin. The nostalgia of ancient books surrounded by wonderful architecture is not to be missed if you’re a book lover!



The small fee makes it as for me the long room filled with old books from floor to ceiling was the highlight of our Dublin trip.

From her we made our way to The Guinness Factory where we had booked a tour the evening before – determined not to queue again or miss out!


For us, we were torn between visiting The Guinness Storehouse or the Kilmainham Gaol (the old jail). On most occasions, we would have gone for the jail as we love everything to do with history and museums, so this was right up my street.

After a little bit of thinking and some help from our lovely hotel receptionist we decided to go for the storehouse as we felt that we should try something a little different and having already seen the library, we had gotten our history fix!


The storehouse is very easy to walk to from Dublin town centre and it’s hard to get lost as the factory really is a tourist magnet! We saw tourists walking from all angles with gift shop bags so this made it all the easier to reach!

While it is a tourist magnet, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the storehouse; pulling a pint of Guinness the proper way was fun, and meeting other visitors from around the world at the Gravity Bar with views over Dublin was a treat.


The storehouse is humungous and we were surprised to see just high the glass ceiling was. We were taken around in groups of around 30 and the factory museum told a wonderful story from start to finish and we were given plenty of opportunities to “taste the black stuff” before being given a full pint and the view across Dublin at the sky bar on the top floor with a 360 degree view of Dublin (for those who don’t drink much or just don’t like the taste of Guinness, like myself, you can opt for a soft drink of your choice.)


I would highly recommend visiting The Guinness Storehouse for you definitely get your money’s worth, in the few hours that we were there, we learnt a lot, drank a lot and had an all round awesome time, be sure to give yourself plenty of time for your visit though.

After some lunch at an amazing burger joint we then indulged in some retail fun! We had left our bags at the hotel reception, so on route back to the hotel we stopped off at Brown Thomas department store. Now I had never heard of Brown Thomas before our visit to Dublin, but from what I very quickly gathered was that it’s very much like a House of Frasers, Harvey Nichols type department store.


The staff are friendly, polite and attentive and the shopping was fantastic! Plenty of high-end designer brands from Celine, to Chanel and Louis Vuitton, my favourites!

We also found the prices to be a fair amount cheaper for shopping in Dublin rather than Scotland so, my kindhearted and very generous boyfriend ended up taking me to Tiffany’s and buying me a beautiful locket. So spoilt but forever grateful for him.

After hours of shopping and wandering through the many amazing departments of Brown Thomas we finally made our way back to the hotel to grab our luggage and headed for the airport bus.

Our weekend in Dublin was very short but so sweet. I see it as a little taster of what this friendly and buzzing city had to offer, and we will definitely be back to discover more in the near future. XO

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KeiKei is a London-based award-winning journalist and videographer with a degree in Broadcast Media and Journalism from the University of the West of Scotland and an extensive reporting background in news, entertainment, travel, and lifestyle.

KeiKei has travelled the globe interviewing, reporting and reviewing. Her work has been published in worldwide media outlets including, The New York Post, The Guardian, The Mirror, The Daily Mail, National Geographic and Conde Nast publications.


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