Daredevil Roof-Tops The Four Seasons Hotel In Kuala Lumpur

A THRILL-SEEKING photographer reaches new heights after scaling one of the highest incomplete towers in Malaysia – with no safety equipment

Malaysian daredevil Keow Wee Loong captured breathtaking images of Kuala Lumpur’s sprawling landscape when he climbed the yet-to-be-finished Four Seasons Place.

The brave 28-year-old decided to scale the 65-storey building as he wanted to see the sunrise of the city from another point of view.

He said: “I find it really peaceful on the top of the building when there is no one around and I can feel the wind blowing. As a photographer, I wanted to capture the constant changing skyline in every city.”

Keow and his accomplice, Abraham Shilton Calamba evaded security as they scaled the towering structure, which is due for completion later this year.

The roof topper said: “There is a 20 metre wall and guard patrol around the site and locks on the stairs.

“On the way out when I was going down there were already a lot of people working in the building.

“Avoiding them and getting out undetected was hard so I did it carefully and took my time to escape.”

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is one of the world’s leading luxury hospitality companies, and recently announced plans for Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur, set to open between late 2017 and early 2018.

Located in the heart of the Golden Triangle neighborhood – Kuala Lumpur’s thriving business and financial district – the hotel is part of a 65-storey mixed-use tower that will include 242 Four Seasons Private Residences, 27 serviced apartments, a 209-key Four Seasons hotel and a five-floor, 300,000 square foot (27,900 square metre) luxury retail podium, collectively known as Four Seasons Place Kuala Lumpur.

For Keow, the idea to scale the 327 metre building started three years ago when construction began.

He explained: “The idea started three years back when construction started. I always wondered what the view would look like at the top of this building, so a few years later I decided to check it out myself and document the photo.”

Wee Loong is well known in the urban exploring community for travelling to the off-limits with his past explorations including a visit to Fukushima’s exclusion zone, scaling Dubai’s tallest tower and proposing to his fiance at the top of the world’s tallest bridge.

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