City In The Clouds: Incredible Cityscapes of Dubai From Above

A banker takes incredible photos of Dubai skyscrapers poking through a sea of heavenly clouds in extreme selfies.

The busy city of Dubai is known for its impressive skyline, which features the world’s tallest building and these photos taken by Ali Adeel show us exactly why millions of people flock to the UAE every year.

Shot between May 2013 and January 2015, the series of breathtaking images feature the Burj Khalifa, Cayman Tower, the Executive Tower and more.

The corporate banker revealed that in order to enter the buildings he has to sneak in undetected.

He said: “Often it’s a matter of trial and error, if the door of the building is locked then I will need to go back and try to find another tower to scale. I just keep trying until I get into one.”

The daring snapper can also be seen perching on the edge of a rooftop as he looks out onto the magical skyline in images he has created using a self timer.

The terrifying elevation of the skyscrapers would have many fearing for their lives but Ali takes the hair-raising heights in his stride.

In one particular image the world’s tallest building – the 2,700ft-high Burj Khalifa – can be seen bursting through the dense fog banks which descend on the city every year around the month of March as the temperature begins to drop and humidity meets cooler air, forming the rolling fog.

He said: “I am not afraid of heights, I can scale the highest building in the world with ease, however, if it was water it would be another story as I cannot swim and it’s my biggest fear in the world.”

With a thick cloud of mist enveloping Dubai’s tallest buildings, the incredible scenes look like they belong in a science fiction film.

In other pictures, the lights from Dubai’s shops and apartments illuminate the fog from below and one picture captures the Dubai Mall water fountain in action.

Ali, 35, who is originally from Pakistan but born and raised in Dubai, is currently working a nine to five city job but also does professional photography in his spare time for events and weddings.

He said: “My passion for photography started almost two years ago, and now I just can’t seem to stop as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Photography for me is not only a hobby but also a huge stress reliever.”

The majority of the images were taken from different events and various high rise towers which start from a whopping seventy-five to eighty floors.

Ali said: “The feeling of seeing my images for the first time is something that is very difficult to describe. The pictures tell you a beautiful story about Dubai.”

Now that Ali has photographed from the majority of the highest building’s in Dubai he has his sights set on the UK.

He said, “I would love to come to the UK one day and scale some of the highest towers.”

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