My Top Three Sunshine Destinations That Won’t Give You Jet Lag

Landing in a new destination for the very first time is without a doubt one of the most exciting parts of travelling – but with travelling comes one major downside – jet lag.

A lot of us sunshine seekers and holidaymakers love the thought of a tropical or long-haul vacation but often don’t want to deal with having to adjust to different time zones, and who would? All those lost days of sightseeing and feeling groggy for hours on end while you’re getting over your jet lag, no thank you.


It’s definitely one of the biggest negatives of travelling to the other side of the world, especially when you return home with both the holiday blues and days of feeling utterly exhausted.

If you’re looking for your next destination, minus the jet lag, then you might want to choose one of the exciting adventures below, some even being long haul, but all with just a few hours of time difference from the UK.

Namibia – Time Difference: GMT +1hr

The striking red sand dunes of Namibia are one of the most photographed and photogenic natural landscapes in the whole of Africa and a truly perfect destination for those that want to see wildlife and embark on a road trip.


Fly directly into the capital of Windhoek, hop into your hire car and head North where you’ll find the famous Etosha National Park. Here you will be able to spot giraffe and maybe even leopards and Africa’s largest lions. You’ll also find yourself gawking at herds of springbok, zebra and blue wildebeest.

For the highest sand dunes in the world, don’t miss Sossusvlei. It is definitely recommended that you visit first thing in the morning when the first rays of sunshine create the most incredible patterns of light and shade.


Mauritius – Time Difference: GMT +1hr

This postcard-perfect island can be found right in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and although it might look far away when looking at a map, it’s actually only 3 hours ahead of UK time.


Mauritius is celebrated for its luxury beach breaks and known to be a well-loved honeymoon destination. However, lazing around isn’t all that this island is good for, as many don’t know that it is also fantastic for hiking, mountain climbing and has some of the best diving spots in the world thanks to its bountiful marine life.

There’s also so much to discover in terms of local culture, as the island is made up a fascinating blend of Indian, African and European influences. On the east coast, you’ll find some of the dreamiest traditional fishing communities, whilst the northern side of the island offers the best mix of beaches, Mauritian food, and nightlife.


Israel – Time Difference: GMT + 2hr

When looking for a holiday in the Mediterranean, most sun seekers don’t usually think to visit Israel, but this is a destination that should be on everyone’s radar.

Tourists will find themselves spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches, as Israel’s Mediterranean coast goes on for over 170 miles. With beaches comes sunshine and Israel definitely has plenty of heat as it boasts around 300 days of sun a year.


The city also has so much to offer when it comes to nightlight, which will be why it has been nicknamed the “Big Orange” due to its thriving evening social scene, similar to that of the Big Apple, New York.

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