Baozilnn: Delicious Taiwanese Food In The Heart of London’s Chinatown

London’s Chinatown is one of my favourite places in the city to meet friends, take visitors and grab a quick lunch midweek or long dinner at the weekend and I’m happy to say that I’ve found a new gem in the form of Baozilnn and it’s delicious range of Taiwanese street food.

Situated on the former site of Baiwei at 8 little Newport Street, WC2H 7JJ, Baozilnn Group currently has 6 restaurants located around London; Soho, London Bridge, Chinatown I, Lakeside and Victoria, with 2 more restaurants opening in Camden and Oxford Circus soon.


The latest opening is its second Chinatown restaurant, Baozilnn Chinatown 2, featuring a mouthwatering and wide range of street food delicacies from Taiwan alongside dumplings, wonton, and colourful buns.

The staff are welcoming, helpful and always there to help with recommendations or information on what a specific dish is. Inside, Baozilnn is a casual café-style three-storey restaurant in the heart of London’s vibrant Chinatown district and the menu has a focus on well-priced Taiwanese dishes. Its quick, casual and great fun.

The menu kicks off with a range of Taiwanese Street food snacks and authentic dumplings that include the most incredibly silky Braised tofu, Taiwanese Gua Bao filled with either ham, beef jerky or braised tofu, moreish Taiwanese spicy sausage, multi coloured small soup dumplings filled with chicken, beef or pork, and Taiwanese popcorn chicken.


Main courses feature a selection of Taiwanese style bento with the likes of Hot and numbing beef soup noodles, the perfect winter pick me up, Taiwanese crispy pork cutlets with rice, Taiwanese braised mince pork rice and Taiwanese popcorn chicken with rice.

There is also a small selection of the usual Baozilnn classics available, and these
include favourites like Dan Dan noodles, Multi coloured steamed buns and traditional dumplings in chilli oil.

This can all be washed down with a new range of delightful Formosan single-origin luxury tea. Choose from a selection including Taiwanese native mountain tea, Oolong tea and Huallen big-leaf green tea.


With so many restaurants to be found in Chinatown it can often be difficult to find somewhere that has it all, but if you are looking for some incredible Taiwanese street food at low prices, served with the usual Baozilnn smile in convivial surroundings, then this new launch is an absolute must.

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