Travel Trends: Top Destinations and Experiences For 2020

When it comes to analyzing travel trends, Expedia® has a leg up. Being one of the world’s largest online travel brands means being able to uncover themes across flights, hotel stays, searches and bookings, and even experiences – all in the pursuit of arming explorers with everything they need to know to navigate the year ahead.

Based on a robust analysis of US traveler data, Expedia’s 2020 Trends in Travel highlights:

The fastest-growing destinations around the world
Hidden gem beaches both near and far
The rise of natural wonders and college towns
Top-selling experiences and attractions

The New Top 10

Expedia’s analysts scoured the list of fastest-growing destinations to identify the countries that had the most cities trending based on flight demand.

The result: A brand-new bucket list-worthy of a new decade.



“When we looked at where travelers went in 2019, we saw that the biggest growth in demand was happening for destinations that aren’t the usual tourist hotspots,” said Christie Hudson, Head of PR for Brand Expedia North America.

“For example, instead of Venice or Rome, the top trending Italian destinations were in Sardinia and the Italian Riviera. We hope this report shines a light on new places to explore and inspires people to start planning their travel for 2020.”



Spain & Canary Islands: Ibiza (+50%), Palma de Mallorca (+35%), Oviedo (+30%), Seville (+15%)
Canada: Winnipeg (+465%), Saskatoon (+425%), Regina (+400%), Halifax (+365%)
Peru: Trujillo (+35%), Lima (+15%), Arequipa (+5%)
Japan: Naha/Okinawa (+45%), Sapporo (+40%), Tokyo (+20%), Osaka (+20%)
Italy: Cagliari (+40%), Genoa (+5%), Olbia (+5%), Calabria (+5%)
Australia: Sydney (+20%), Cairns (+20%), Adelaide (+15%), Melbourne (+10%), Gold Coast (+10%), Perth (+5%)
Mexico: Campeche (+95%), Oaxaca (+60%), Puerto Escondido (+50%), Mexico City (+30%)
Portugal: Porto (+55%), Faro (+35%), Lisbon (+10%)
Brazil: Fortaleza (+35%), Iguazu Falls (+10%), Sao Paulo (+10%)
India: Goa (+25%), Ahmedabad (+15%), Delhi (+15%), Kolkata (+10%)


Palolem Beach, Goa

Popular Experiences: Robots, Ruins and Rollercoasters

Activities and attractions are more than just an add-on to a trip. Often, they’re one of the top considerations when travelers are choosing where to go and where to stay. Not to mention purchasing the tickets ahead of time makes the trip planning easier. So, don’t just go somewhere in 2020 – have an experience.


Here are some of the top-selling activities on Expedia for inspiration:

Universal Studios Hollywood Admission in Los Angeles, California (+350%)
Robot Restaurant Show in Shinjuku, Tokyo (+220%)
Chichén Itzá Admission, Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico (+125%)
The High Roller Observation Wheel in Las Vegas, Nevada (+35%)
San Diego Zoo in San Diego, California (+15%)


Chichén Itzá, Mexico

Chasing Waterfalls

Take a cue from Americans who strayed from the rivers and lakes they were used to this year: Expedia data reveals many travelers were literally chasing waterfalls in 2019.

Niagara Falls, Ontario (hotel demand +45%)
Kaieteur Falls, Guyana (flight demand to Georgetown +30%)
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (hotel demand +25%)
Sutherland Falls, New Zealand (flight demand to Christchurch +20%)
Iguazu Falls, Brazil (flight demand +10%)
Bridalveil Falls, Yosemite National Park (hotel demand +10%)


Niagara Falls

Curious about hidden gem beach destinations and which U.S. college towns are trending?

Check out the full 2020 Trends Report here and start planning your next vacation.



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