Revealed: The Most Romantic Cities In The World

Travel insurance comparison site InsureMyTrip has ranked the most romantic cities to visit based on the latest data available for key categories.

These categories include the popularity of location for honeymoons, marriage proposals, price of accommodation, quality of romantic hotels and wine bars, and the quality of green space and parks.


Unsurprisingly, of the 67 cities ranked, Paris, France came in first overall, with London, Santorini, Barcelona, and Ubud completing the top five cities.

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As for US-based cities, Charleston, South Carolina is rated as the most romantic U.S. city, ranking 21st globally overall. Charleston is known for its beautiful cobblestone streets, riverside restaurants and carriage rides, making it the perfect spot for couples. The South Carolina port city is also recognised as one of the best cities in the country overall.


Charleston receives near-perfect scores for its quality of wine bars and the quality of green space and parks. It also scores highly for its quality of romantic hotels and accommodation prices around Valentine’s Day. However, it narrowly missed a spot in the global top twenty due to its low scores for honeymoon popularity and proposal popularity.


Elsewhere, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, came in as second and third most romantic U.S. cities.

What might come as a surprise – New York only came in as the 4th most popular U.S. destination and ranked 47th globally. While it scored favourably for the quality of green space and parks and the quality of its wine bars, the scores were low for the quality of romantic hotels and the price of a 3-course meal.


Overall, unsurprisingly, Paris is in the top spot as the most romantic city as it received top scores for the number of proposals and quantity of romantic landmarks, as it is home to the fourth-highest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites.


It also scores highly for LGBTQ friendliness and is above average for its quality of romantic hotels and wine bars as well.

London came in second place overall with the second-highest number of proposals in the world, with the city missing out on the top position due to its low scores as a honeymoon destination and prices to eat out.


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