TOKii: Serving Up London’s Finest Japanese Food

Just off Oxford Street and in the heart of Marylebone lies TOKii, a restaurant aiming at truly top-class Japanese food in an authentic and elegant setting.

Located inside the luxury Prince Akatoki boutique hotel, you will automatically be hit with the same feeling you get when walking inside a spa. The foyer smells like the perfect mix of floral and wood and instantly makes you feel zen.

Inside, TOKii is filled with warm atmospheric lighting and dark brown wooden tables along with black wooden beams which encase the whole restaurant. The décor is typically Japanese, simple, fresh, and clean; it’s clear every element of the dining experience has been crafted to perfection.

When it comes to the food, which focuses on sushi, sashimi, seafood, and meat cooked on the Robata grill, TOKii’s menu is all about fresh and international ingredients, bringing the best of East and West combined. The menu is filled with contemporary Japanese cuisine for those with an adventurous palate and who are bored with the typical sushi offerings of competitors.

For guests that love a cocktail or two, you’ll be spoilt for choice with TOKii’s extensive drinks list, for those like myself who don’t tend to drink alcohol, the non-alcoholic options are just as delicious. I tried both the “Everleaf” – a non-alcoholic aperitif with mint cordial and matcha tonic as well as the “Hadaka In My Dreams” – a stunning little glass of seed lip spice 94, yuzu juice, lime juice, aloe vera, honey, and shiso leaf.

When it comes to the food menu, you won’t be disappointed. The flavours of every dish are complex yet subtle. The ingredients are the very best and thankfully nothing is overcooked so you really feel the natural flavours of the food.

Using only the freshest ingredients, we were able to taste the difference in the sushi served at TOKii in comparison to any other Japanese restaurant I had dined in London.

At the top of my list, it had to be the Saikyo Black Cod served with crushed peas and shiso oil. The chunky white fish, which comes from Canada, was silky smooth and melt in your mouth delicious. Possibly one of the best pieces of cod I have ever tasted and worth a trip to TOKii on its own.

Did TOKii hit the mark? Absolutely. Not only was every dish a real winner, but along with the Black Cod, the Kinoko Mushrooms and the Nigiri were standout and I’ve been raving about the dishes ever since. It’s so good that you really need to try it for yourself.

What else did we order?

Hot Stone Wagyu Beef with Grilled Vegetables
Buttermilk and Sansho Pepper Crispy Fried Chicken
Shrimp Tempura
Kinoko Mushrooms
Robata Grilled Aubergine
Spicy Tuna Maki Roll
Nigiri Omakase


Buttermilk Pannacotta with elderflower jelly, strawberry compote, sesame-tuille
Chocolate and Matcha Fondant with cherry yogurt ice cream

Overall verdict: 10/10

Our Meal In Pictures

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