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Multi-Destination Honeymoon Ideas That Combine City With Beach

When you’re planning your honeymoon, you’re looking for a truly special trip that will be memorable for an entire lifetime. It can be tricky to pin it down to just one destination, especially with so many wondrous choices – but you don’t have to. With our handy guide to dual-destination honeymoons, you can have the best of a glamorous city adventure with relaxing beach indulgence thrown in too.

Singapore & Bali

Singapore is a fantastically modern city to visit, one which still manages to weave into itself a host of different cultural influences, all worth exploring.  You can juxtapose this with the peacefulness of Bali which is roughly two hours away, and delight in its turquoise seas with white sand beaches for the perfect dual-destination honeymoon. Hotels and spas in Bali are beautifully appointed, with serene water features and stylish teak interiors, so you can relax and enjoy each other in complete luxury.

Bali, Indonesia


Tokyo & Maldives

Tokyo truly epitomises Japan with its iconic style and futuristic vibes. This city is home to more Michelin stars than any other but still blends the old with the new – you’ll see beautiful shrines and temples, tucked in between Tokyo’s shiny skyscrapers. Hop on a ten-hour flight for the next leg of your journey and look forward to relaxing on arrival. When you get to the Maldives you’ll be ready for the tranquillity of the sparkling lagoons, and the glass-bottomed bedroom bungalows that you can gaze through hypnotically  – watching the aquatic life wander on by.



Dubai & Mauritius

One of the most glamourous cities in the world, Dubai demonstrates opulence on another level. Shop until you drop in huge, buzzing malls or spend all your time in the indulgent spas. It’s then a six-hour flight to Mauritius, which in contrast, will show you a quieter, more reflective time; perfect for those seeking volcanic scenery and spicy authentic cuisines. Set in the Indian Ocean, it’s the location of a stunning ‘underwater waterfall’ optical illusion where sand and silt sediments are in perpetual movement, looking like they’re pouring down into a vortex.



Las Vegas & Hawaii

Las Vegas is famously the city that never sleeps and it hosts some of the worlds’ finest casinos and breathtaking live shows too. You could even swing a helicopter ride to see the vastness of the Grand Canyon before heading to Hawaii for further natural beauty only about five hours away. The Hawaiian islands are a picture-perfect tropical paradise where you can swim with turtles and dive with manta rays – all the while knowing that it’s one of the few places in the world you can actively witness a volcano in the midst of creating land.


Las Vegas

Miami & Bahamas

A lively city, known for its glitzy nightlife and sexy vibes, Miami is the perfect spot to top up your tan and do some last-minute shopping for the remainder of your honeymoon. Once you arrive in the Bahamas, which are less than an hour’s flight, you can unwind completely on the sugar-soft sand, sipping cocktails to your heart’s content. The Bahamas consist of 16 main islands and many more islets and cays, scattered like pearls through the idyllic turquoise water. You can even swim through and explore the famous Thunderball Grotto, a series of magical underwater caves filled with exotic marine life and mystical coral reefs.



By Dr Sunny Kleo

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