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Silversea Unveils Silver Dawn’s New Otium Wellness Programme & Reimagined Spa

With Silver Dawn set to welcome guests as the 10th ship in Silversea’s fleet beginning April 1, 2022, the leading ultra-luxury cruise line has taken the opportunity to unveil details of its new Otium wellness programme, as well as the new ship’s reimagined spa.

Grounded in the philosophy and traditions of the ancient Roman lifestyle, Otium encourages balanced indulgence, pampering, and pleasure over sacrifice and delayed gratification by weaving a tapestry of unprecedented comfort around guests.


Otium will take guests on a customised wellness journey that extends beyond Silver Dawn’s reimagined spa, incorporating multiple touches to enrich Silversea’s unique take on luxury. The holistic journey begins with indulgent bathing, balcony, and sleeping experiences in some of the most spacious suites at sea. Silversea’s butlers will tailor guests’ experiences with a choice of scents, while a delectable comfort food menu, comprising gourmet bites and refreshing libations, offers guests unique moments of pleasure. Guests can get comfortable in a plush Otium bathrobe and slippers, before making their way to the Otium Spa.

Here, the wellness ritual, influenced by ancient Roman baths, soothes guests into a state of bliss, offering a curated range of Mediterranean-inspired treatments—in both the spa and the salon—and memorable hydrothermal experiences. Guests are encouraged to socialise in both the modern relaxation room, with comfortable chaises for lounging, and the expansive outdoor area, which affords panoramic views of the ocean and welcomes meditative reflections. The wellness journey then continues beyond the spa with unforgettable moments of tailored relaxation throughout the ship.


Designed by HBA London, Silver Dawn’s reimagined spa is larger than that of her sister ship, Silver Muse, spanning over 790m2 on deck six. It includes an optimised layout for a more seamless wellness journey—enhanced with culinary delights, mood lighting and curated playlists—as well as an enhanced Beauty Salon, Fitness Center, Barber Salon, and an outdoor relaxation area of 219m2.A  spacious relaxation room lies at its heart, which, elegantly decorated with Roman-inspired artworks and an infinity water feature, will invite guests to socialise as they are pampered in a soothing atmosphere. Inviting treatment rooms, a large sauna, and a steam room enhance the offering.

Every detail of the spa’s design has been curated for a comforting and sensorial experience. The space’s colour palette takes inspiration from the ocean and shorelines to soothe guests into a state of complete relaxation, growing with each stage of the wellness journey. Warm, earthy notes greet guests in the reception area, while deeper shades of blue create calming sanctuaries in the treatment and relaxation areas. Creative mood lighting and calming music form the perfect ambience in each area of the spa, while sophisticated materials—selected for their comforting natural textures—heighten the decor’s sensory impact.


In the Otium Spa, Silversea’s guests will enjoy bespoke treatments from a curated wellness menu—inspired by Mediterranean wellness rituals and ancient Roman baths—which includes a hedonistic selection of Otium signature experiences for an enhanced wellness journey. Treatments incorporate natural and sustainable products, including exclusive Otium signature products. Guests can select their preferred scent, and, if enjoying a body treatment, their preference of three body oils, as well as body scrub for subsequent thermal experiences.

In addition to facials, medi-spa cosmetic treatments, and acupuncture, among other indulgences, the new menu includes the following Otium signature experiences:

  • The Otium
    ‘Indulge your senses in the ultimate spa journey. Inspired by the Mediterranean, warm, fragrant oils are infused with shea butter, raspberry, and chamomile, and drizzled onto the body in soothing and sweeping movements. Using a trio of elements that transcend beyond a state of relaxation, mineral-rich pink salt stones, natural bamboo, and grounding calabash deeply stimulate and release tension, enticing a most pleasurable feeling of inner wellbeing.’
  • The Hedone Delight
    ‘Design your journey of wellbeing. Guided by Hedone, goddess of pleasure, indulge in a bespoke massage with the selection of aroma and body polish that resonates with your sense of being.’
  • The Divine Experience
    ‘Purify the body with nature’s own minerals. Mood-balancing aromatics induce relaxation whilst cocooned prior to a decadent scalp, neck, and shoulder massage and luxurious hand treatment. Simply divine.’
  • The Apollonian Spirit
    ‘Comfort the body with a treatment inspired by Apollo, the god of healing. This contrast therapy is effective and provides immediate relief for tired, aching muscles. Mineral-rich salt stones harness a natural warmth, whilst a nutrient-rich cold mask provides a dynamic rescue therapy.’

Additionally, Otium introduces a set of services in the Beauty and Barber salons, designed to pamper guests from tip to toe. These include bespoke Otium hair rituals, manicure and pedicure signature experiences, as well as the ultimate in gentlemen’s grooming.


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