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Aston Martin DBX707: Dynamic Supremacy, Unmistakable Style & Unparalleled Luxury

In the top end of the SUV market, the new Aston Martin DBX707 stands unrivalled, it is a car that rules the road in every respect, with incredible performance, supreme dynamics, unmistakable style, and unparalleled luxury. The DBX707 demonstrates cutting-edge engineering that releases until now unattainable levels of dynamic performance.

The brand-new DBX707 raises Aston Martin to the top of the market, designed with a wealth of personality and enticing capability, the DBX707 is the ideal SUV in every way. Taking the V8 DBX’s globally praised design, movement, and driver-pleasing elements to serve as the foundation, the car has been upgraded in every area to increase performance, driving satisfaction, and on-road presence.

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The Exterior

Once you’ve seen the DBX707’s face, you won’t forget it. The DBX707 is one of the world’s fastest 0-60mph SUV, and it is not hesitant to make an impressive entrance or to be the centre of attention. It has a unique sense of style and a powerful beauty, both of which are reflected throughout the exterior of the car, whilst also featuring elements of the classic Aston Martin design.

When it comes to new aspects of the car, drivers will find a larger front grille, entirely new DRL design, new air intakes, brake cooling ducts, and a new front splitter profile are all part of the DBX’s revised front-end treatment.

Outside, the new louvred bonnet blades, dark satin chrome window surrounds, and gloss black splitter all go together flawlessly. The DBX707 also displays a ground-hugging posture thanks to the intriguing shape that continues around the flanks with gloss black side sills and a deeper, more sculpted profile.

When it comes to the DBX707’s back, you will find that it is just as striking as its front. The transformation starts with new quad exhausts, followed by an enlarged rear spoiler made of carbon fibre and an updated winged rear diffuser with aero-vortex blades. Together, they provide the car a sense of direction and presence, giving it a lower, more powerful, and even larger-than-life appearance.

The Interior

The new interior concept, “Accelerate,” is exactly what a vehicle with this level of power and athletic prowess needs. The Aston Martin DBX707’s interior is luxurious with Alcantara® headlining, multi-adjustable heated and ventilated seats, a dark chrome appearance, a sports steering wheel, and the renowned embroidered Aston Martin wings on the seat backs.

The ‘Inspire Sport’ interior was developed just for the DBX707 and isn’t available as an option on any other model. With semi-aniline leather upholstery, sport quilting, perforations on the seats, extra thick carpeting, a split-rim steering wheel, and leather headlining, the car is exactly where Sport and Luxury collide.

A brand-new centre console has been added to the DBX707 to allow for precise control while in motion. It is intended to provide quick access to the most crucial features of the vehicle, including the manual gearbox mode, updated drive modes, ESP off, and suspension adjustment. It even features active exhaust control, so you can choose between driving quietly or unleashing the tremendous V8 growl of the DBX707.

The switchgear in the interior of the DBX707 comes with a dark chrome finish as standard. Bright chrome and carbon fibre are however possibilities if you’re feeling adventurous. In a similar vein, exquisite Piano Black veneer is included as standard, with options for carbon fibre or bronze metal mesh veneer.


The DBX707 is equipped with the most powerful engine of any premium SUV in existence today. The Aston Martin-engineered vehicle’s powerful 707PS engine, which also has 900Nm of torque, enables you to access supercar performance, thunderous acceleration, and the highest peak speed of any comparable luxury SUV.

The nine-speed gearbox on the DBX707 replaces the torque converter found in standard automatic transmissions with a race-developed wet clutch, a step that has never before been made for an SUV. With shifts that are 30% faster, giving nearly instantaneous access to its power and seamless transition from gear to gear.

Users get immediate access to a selection of five newly preset drive modes via powertrain control through a rotary switch on the brand-new centre console. For the most intensive driving experience, the DBX707-specific “Sport+” mode has been developed. You can also select “Terrain” for off-road driving, “GT” for optimum touring comfort, “Sport” for responsive road driving, or “Individual” to customise every aspect, such as the suspension, steering, and exhaust, to your specific preferences.

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A New Level of Dynamic Performance

All in all, the DBX707 delivers new levels of dynamic performance, the mastery of Aston Martin has produced the fastest, most powerful, and finest handling SUV, redefining what is meant by performance and driving intensity. It also generates a harmonious combination of ultimate dynamics, unmistakable style, and exquisite luxury.

Customers who want to further emphasise the exclusivity of the DBX707 and create something really unique can do so with the help of Q by Aston Martin, the brand’s bespoke service, which offers the highest level of modification. Each “Q by Aston Martin – Commission” car can be entirely customised for the customer and offers a wide range of options, from distinctive graphics to tinted carbons and bespoke materials on the interior and exterior.

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