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Emolyne Cosmetics: Makeup That Celebrates Every Ethnicity, Gender, Age & Lifestyle

Make way for Emolyne Cosmetics. The name-sake brand, created by Emolyne Ramlov who was born in Uganda, raised in Denmark, and now resides in London, is performance-driven and drawn by the vibrant colour palettes of Africa. Emolyne herself found the beauty industry to be lacking in variety of shades and colours, so each shade has been meticulously chosen with every complexity of skin tone in mind.

The brand’s beauty products offer an instant shine while also promoting daily expression, allowing everyone to find their distinctive colours thanks to their dynamic, broad range. Emolyne’s long-lasting, highly pigmented, and wide colour range make it possible to achieve any look, whether it’s a classic, stunning red lip and nail combo or a stunning nude.

The glittery pentagonal packaging for the velvet semi-matte lipstick is eye-catching, with the lipsticks emerging with a simple twist and a click of the E at the top of the case. Emoyne’s lipstick apply with great ease, much like a cream would to skin and the superb pigmentation is the first thing you will notice – with just one single swipe your lips will be vivid and glossy without requiring additional applications.

The lipsticks also have an incredibly lengthy wear time as they continue to look great for hours even after eating and drinking. Emolyne lipsticks also remain moisturising rather than drying unlike many other long-lasting lipsticks, providing you with an exquisite semi-matte finish.

The 15 neutral and 15 red hallmark colours at the core of their brand are all accessible in their buttery lipsticks, lasting nail polishes, defining lip liners and high-shine glosses. From the vivid poppy-red Zanzibar to the muted, seductive Eritrea, one swipe instantly instills a boost of confidence. Emolyne creates your daily, capsule, coordinated makeup wardrobe and gives you a touch of everyday elegance, with her timeless, never seasonal, classic, and trend-free cosmetics.

Each colour pays homage to Emolyne Ramlov’s home continent and the source of her inspiration by being named after an African city or country and drawing inspiration from it. Expect products that are exceptionally long-lasting and wearable in everyday situations.

By guaranteeing that every lipstick has a matching nail polish and lip liner, Emolyne is also reintroducing the lost art of matching your nails to your lips. Simply click the ‘Find Your Shade’ button on the brand’s website and choose the model whose skin shade is closest to yours to find your perfect shade. It will then demonstrate how each shade in the palette complements that skin tone, ensuring you find the best and most flattering colour for you.

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