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Vintner’s Daughter: Why This £185 Active Botanical Serum Is Worth Every Penny

Vintner’s Daughter is a brand synonymous with miracle skincare and beloved by celebrities including Hailey Beiber, Heidi Klum and the Goop founder herself, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Their Active Botanical Serum is one of the most sought after products for beauty lovers and skincare fanatics. It’s even been hailed as the ‘facial oil to end all facial oils’. But what goes into making this £185 serum?


Vintner’s Daughter is the brainchild of April Gargiulo, who spent 2 years meticulously formulating the Active Botanical Serum with the goal of creating her holy grail, desert island skincare product. This 100% natural, botanical powerhouse contains over 60 nutrients that work cohesively to give a quintessential Californian glow. The time-honoured method used to create the formula is particularly special.

Each product starts with whole plants, not extracts, not powders, not freeze-dried plants. These are taken through a precise, gentle and temperature-controlled 21-day infusion process, resulting in the fullest spectrum of nutrition to be gained from the whole botanicals. And with most skincare taking less than 6 hours to bottle this unique, no short cuts process is a rarity in a world of fast skincare. But introducing this slow beauty technique was no easy ride….


Founder, April Gargiulo, said: “I was told over and over again, that if I used this extract or powder, it would be cheaper and faster and ‘just as good’. They (the manufacturers)  balked at my 3-week long formulation process over and over again.

“For me coming from winemaking where it takes 3+ years to make a bottle of wine, I felt like 3 weeks was nothing. We were going to make the finest skincare in the world and three weeks later I was going to sell it. They do not see my vision. I was turned away time and time again.”

Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 13.59.28

In addition to the full extracts being used, they have all been selected for their naturally occurring compounds which temporarily suspend the surface tension of the skin and enable deeper absorption. When this genius formula is combined with the special Push/Press application, which allows the serum’s 60+ nutrients to fully penetrate the skin, resulting in a healthier, more resilient, radiant and rested complexion.

My Personal Thoughts After One Month Of Use

With my wedding day coming up, I’ve been extra keen to find the next big skincare product that I can’t live without, something that will give my skin that glow that every bride yearns for and keep my creeping acne at bay – I’ve definitely found that in Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum.

When I received my first bottle of Vintner’s Daughter, I’ll admit I was a little skeptical, especially because of the price point, but this nutrient-dense and skin-beautifying botanical serum has quickly become my go-to product every single night for the last month and the compliments I have received on my skin show that it is truly 100% worth the £185.00 splurge.

I’ve always had acne-prone, oily skin and therefore tried to stay away from most face oils, but every morning since using this magical active serum, I’ve found my skin looking brighter, smoother and my acne hasn’t once flared up, on top of that, Vintner’s Daughter has also massively helped to minimize my dark acne scars.


Hydrating and brightening, it has offered dramatically visible results to my skin in less than 4 weeks, making it the hero product that everyone needs.

As I only need to push-press 3-4 drops into my skin per night, a little really does go a long way, making the investment even more worth it. Not to mention, it smells incredible, like a luxurious spa in a bottle.

Not only has this serum done wonders for my skin by completely renewing my complexion to make it look firmer and dramatically more radiant, but it has also become my ideal way to unwind before bed every night.

To purchase your bottle, visit:

The Benefits

Through the strategic use of essential oils, The Active Botanical Serum is able to address a myriad of skincare problems and deliver powerful results to all skin types.

The main benefits are:


Key ingredients: Avocado, evening primrose, nettle, rosehip.

How it works? These clever ingredients feed your skin and replenish it with much-needed nutrients to give it all it needs to look and feel it’s very best



Key ingredients: Alfalfa, calendula, grape seed, and dandelion.

How it works? : This calming combination works to soothe skin that has been compromised by environmental factors, flare-ups and/ or general irritation.


Key ingredients: Nettle, lavender, carrot seed, lemon, and sea buckthorn

How it works: This dynamic group jumpstarts cellular turnover to increase brightness leaving your skin with a quintessential California glow.


Key ingredients: Tamanu, sea buckthorn, hazelnut, jasmine, and neroli.

How it works: By addressing imbalance and inflammation these botanical oils are able to target the root cause on many common skin concerns like acne, rosacea and dehydration.


Key ingredients: Rose, frankincense, tamanus, and tumeric.

How it works: These natural protectors shield your complexion from the damage of daily environmental factors.

By Crystal KeiKei 

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